Whoever said that quality and high finish precision just have to be expensive, was wrong. We always try to use our time prudently, and that is why we hold planning, high standard of organization and overall project coordination in very high esteem, as the key values that keep on moving us forward in business. At SUNNYVALLE we have the top quality construction equipment and the know-how that allows you to save time and money on the project, as well as ensure that it always gets delivered on – time, on – budget, and above all, always beyond your expectations.

What, where and how

  1. How much does it take to renovate a bathroom?
  2. An estimated price for a bathroom renovation, regardless the square footage, is approximately 4500 – 8000 gross. The price varies depending on the overall condition of the place (curvature of the walls, type of flooring, installation), materials used, complexity, lighting fixtures and labour. The cost of shell units bathrooms renovation is 25 – 35% lower.

  3. How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?
  4. Renovation takes approx. 2-3 weeks, shell units bathrooms take about a week to renovate.

    Our comprehensive execution includes:

      • technical and advisory consultancy
      • detailed assessment of a current condition of a building
      • preparatory work prior to undertaking any demolition work, clearance, waste removal
      • purchase and delivery of the required materials
      • plumbing
      • electrical system
      • bricklaying, painting, plastering and mudding
      • building plaster – cardboard
      • tiling
      • cladding
      • assembly work
      • design, order execution, delivery and assembly of fixed joinery, as well as glass, metal and plastic accessories (mirrors, cupboards, screens, shelves, prints, etc.)